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What are the Benefits of my programme Virtual Gastric Band Auckland?

Banish food cravings and break free from the diet trap

No Gimmicks. No Pills. No Fads. Just my simple 5 step programme designed specifically for your success.

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‘Hypnosis can actually help you lose weight.’

O The Oprah Magazine August 2004

Become the shape and size you want to be.

It doesn’t matter if it is 5, 15 or 55kg, this system can work for you!  

The Virtual Gastric Band is a remarkable weight loss program pioneered by Sheila Granger in the UK. As the name suggests, this system utilises the concept of a ‘Virtual’ Gastric Band and clinical hypnotherapy.

It successfully harnesses the power that every individual holds within themselves to make changes to their lives. Many people of all shapes and sizes find long term solutions to their weight problems with Virtual Gastric Band therapy.

This proven weight loss program has helped tens of thousands of people around the world reduce their weight easily, safely, giving long-term results. There are many versions of gastric band hypnosis on the market, however Sheila Granger’s ‘Virtual Gastric Band’ hypnotherapy programme, which has a 95% success rate, is helping people all over the world to achieve their goals and is proving to be extremely successful. It is the only system in the UK that I am aware of to be taken to NHS trials.*

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Why is my programme successful?

Virtual Gastric Band NZ – My unique and specialised 5 Step Programme is made here for us and to suit us. It is designed to give you the best opportunity to lose weight successfully. My programme is tailored specifically to each client and using a combination of Counselling and Sheila Granger’s VGB Programme, my clients have enjoyed wonderful success.  When we understand WHY we have gained weight, we can replace the subconscious and impulsive eating triggers that have been hard-wired into our brains for most of our lives, with positive and healthy habits.

The only way to lose weight successfully is to work with your body and mind – and let go of that old ‘diet and denial approach’.

What are the Benefits of my programme – Virtual Gastric Band NZ?

  • Be liberated from having to think about food all the time because you are not feeling deprived.
  • Feel in control rather than food controlling you.
  • Eat consciously and listen to what your stomach is telling you rather than your mind.
  • Form new healthy habits that you can maintain.
  • Programme is designed here for us and to suit us.

What you get with my Five Step Virtual Gastric Band Program

My programme’s five individual sessions are personally tailored for you specifically. Your personalised hypnosis sessions are designed to bring about permanent change in your eating habits. They focus you on the person that you want to be. Creating new habits will get you where you want to be and enable you to successfully maintain your result.

1 x One Hour Counselling session before the Program begins. 

  • This allows us time to explore the reasons for your weight gain. As a Counsellor, I understand that there are many variations in behavioural patterns and belief systems within people.  It is these subconscious beliefs that keep people from losing weight and maintaining their ideal weight. However, no matter how long term or deeply entrenched these ways of behaving and thinking are, they can be removed and replaced easily with hypnotic suggestions.

1 x High Quality MP3 Relaxation Exercise Recording.

  • Every-day stresses and tension increase our desire for “comfort” foods.  The increased cortisol in our blood system drives our psychological need to overeat.  By relaxing our mind and body, these desires begin to disappear.

4 x Personalised Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis sessions.

  • My Program uses hypnosis to condition the un-conscious mind into believing that a band has been placed around the top portion of your stomach in order to create a small stomach pouch, thus reducing the amount of food that you need to eat in order to feel full.  And, because it’s not a diet, you won’t feel deprived, miserable or hungry, which are the issues that usually cause diets to fail.  Your specific cravings and habits will be addressed, helping you to regain control over food with no need for you to deprive yourself of the foods you enjoy.  Weight is lost naturally and consistently without dieting.

4 x High Quality Support MP3s for re-enforcing the sessions at home.

  • By listening daily to your personalised recording, your mind will become convinced that your stomach has become smaller and that you need less food.  This will reinforce the treatment both during the Programme and afterwards as you continue your weight-loss journey.  
  • Each individualised recording is done after your session, to ensure that it contains exactly what you need.  

Never give up hope –

You can achieve your health and weight loss goals without giving up your favourite foods. Virtual Gastric Band NZ is an innovative, non-surgical procedure can help you to eat less and lose weight safely and gradually without discomfort.  Hypnosis can help you change and transform your life for good!

*These results are based upon two UK trials. The first trial saw 24 out of 25 candidates lose an astounding 190lbs in total in 3 weeks (approx. 14 stone). This result attracted the attention of a General Practitioner in Beverley, East Yorkshire. A second trial was conducted with 12 of his patients who had been removed from the bariatric surgery NHS waiting list. Again, 95% of the group experienced a positive result. This virtual gastric band hypnotherapy programme is proven to work.

Wright Therapies – the place for Counselling, Massage Therapy, Hypnotherapy and the Virtual Gastric Band clients can conveniently access at the one location. The Virtual Gastric Band NZ is an innovative, non-surgical procedure that can help you to eat less and lose weight safely. If you would like to book a session or find out if working together is a good fit for you, then please contact me on 021 274 6078.

What my clients have said about my virtual gastric band programme

Since August I’ve been working with Debbie at Wright Therapies. Over all I’ve lost 15kgs, dropped from a size 20 to a 16 and feel brilliant. The pain in my knees is reduced, I’m able to exercise and interestingly my fibromyalgia is better.  I eat well and enjoy food but am not able to overeat anymore. Overall, I look and feel better than I have done in years. Thank you, Debbie!” –

Jeanette, Auckland

“The most important difference has been that it has actually changed the way I think about food. I even went on holiday and did not put on any weight.  So, I would say to anyone thinking about losing weight, give this programme a go – you have nothing to lose but weight!” –

David, Auckland

“I am really pleased with myself up to now in regards to chocolate! Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined me refusing and not wanting to eat it, nothing short of a miracle. Thank you!” –

Rowena, Auckland

“I keep expecting to go back to the way I used to eat, and it’s just not happening…. amazing!” –

Sam D, Auckland

“Debbie came highly recommended to me by my sister whom she had helped to lose weight. I could tell, during our initial phone consultation that she understood my relationship and addiction to sugar as she explained how the programme would help me manage my cravings long term.  I would say I embarked on this journey with a healthy dose of scepticism because no diet has ever enabled me to end my sugar cravings…until now. Through Debbie, I have actually found a way to manage my addiction and found a whole new way of eating and thinking. Debbie is highly supportive, informative and lovely to work with. I went on to lose 2 dress sizes! Thank you!” –

Rachel A, Auckland

“In only 4 hypnotherapy sessions with Debbie I have gained new found confidence and self-belief, successfully kicked a chocolate and sugar habit without any sense of difficulty or deprivation, and adjusted my eating habits to a sustainable and healthy state, losing 4 kgs in the process. The treatment is enjoyable and listening to the tapes is a highlight of each day. I can only highly recommend this treatment, it works, easily, enjoyably, and successfully.”

V, Auckland

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