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Frequently asked questions about hypnosis

What is a hypnotherapist?

It is commonly believed that hypnotherapists are similar to other mental health professionals, like psychologists. Hypnotherapy, however, is a unique modality with its own scope and preparation. Technically, a hypnotherapist is a professional specifically trained to support vocational and avocational self-improvement via the use of hypnosis. However, hypnotherapists can also work beyond their scope by way of referrals from doctors, dentists, and psychologists.

A well-trained hypnotherapist understands that clients heal themselves. Hence, the therapist acts more like a coach or a guide that holds a positive and powerful vision for his clients—a vision so contagious that it is projected outward, a vision so persuasive that the client can’t help but be absorbed by it. When these conditions are met, change becomes inevitable, and therapist and client will co-create a beautiful new reality. 

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes. Everyone has the ability to be hypnotised. Hypnosis is a very normal process that we all experience for a few minutes every day before we fall asleep. Everyone who is willing to relax and enjoy the benefits of hypnosis can be hypnotized. Anyone who can follow directions can be hypnotized. The most creative and intelligent people are usually the best subjects. 

I went to a hypnotherapist once before and it didn’t work. Does this mean I cannot be hypnotised?

Hypnosis is a natural state that we have access to all day long. When you drive down the road and miss a turn or get lost in a movie or your favourite song, those are all states of hypnosis. The most common reason for failure to induce trance is lack of rapport and explanation of the state, or a hypnotherapist without proper training who is using incomplete methods. Always check with the background of a new hypnotherapist before committing to a session.

Will I be asleep?

The word hypnosis comes from Greek origin meaning a “sleep-like state”. However, you will not be asleep, nor will you be unconscious. You will be aware of everything that is happening and that is being said the whole time. You will be entirely focused on increasing your motivation, your beliefs in what is possible, your confidence and your self-esteem. Although the words “deep sleep” may be used during our sessions, you will hear everything that is being said: this is your clue to the fact that you are in the hypnotic state rather than sleep.  

Do some people get "stuck in a trance"?

No. You are only in a state of very deep relaxation and you can leave that state whenever you want to. It is impossible to get “stuck”. All hypnotic state ends, whether formally ended by the Hypnotherapist or naturally by you.

Will I do things I don't want to or be totally under your control?

Absolutely not. Hypnosis works on the basis of positive suggestions. Whilst you may fall into a dreamlike state, your mind is still in control and will reject any suggestions that you would normally consider inappropriate. You are not in anyone’s power and you cannot be controlled in any way.

The people you see on stage shows are all “willing volunteers” whose eagerness to entertain others is the basis of their apparent programmed behaviour. You cannot be made to do anything against your will; no one can be made to do anything or say anything that conflicts with his or her personal and ethical standards or morals.  

Will I lose all control of my mind or reveal personal secrets?

No, you won’t say or do anything that you don’t want to. While hypnosis can be used for personal benefit, it cannot cause you to say or do anything against your free will or ethics. 

Therapeutic hypnosis is specifically used to improve your health and well-being and is different from stage hypnosis that is used for entertainment purposes only. You will not start clucking like a chicken or break out in a Michael Jackson dance. If you were given suggestions that you don’t morally agree with, you would come out of hypnosis and your mind would mentally block those suggestions. Hypnosis is not a control state, it is an agreeable state for the mind and body to shift its perspective in life. 

Will I remember everything afterwards?

Most people do remember either everything or certain parts of the experience, depending on how deep your mind goes. You will find that suggestions which have been given to you in hypnosis can resurface in your conscious thinking mind after your session, and these will be the thoughts that produce positive changes in your behaviour or way of thinking and feeling.  

Are there any negative side effects?

There are no negative side effects. Most people find the experience to be extremely positive, beneficial and empowering. Hypnosis is considered safe no matter what your condition. I always ensure that you are in a positive, relaxed and motivated state at the end of each session.  

Can hypnosis help me quit smoking or lose weight?

Yes. Habits are controlled by the subconscious mind. Since hypnosis accesses the subconscious mind, your behaviour can be modified to benefit you by replacing old beliefs or behaviours you no longer need or want with new ones you desire. All behaviours are a learned response. If you learned them, you can unlearn them.  

Why undergo hypnosis?

Because it works! With hypnosis, you can access the subconscious mind to release and discover core issues causing symptoms of stress, fears, phobias, anxiety, etc. Studies have found that subconscious thoughts and beliefs are eight to nine times more powerful than conscious awareness. Thus, when you change the subconscious thought process, you are tapping eight to nine times more power over your life than conscious determination would allow.

My qualifications as a hypnotherapist:


  • Diploma Clinical Hypnotherapy 
  • Masters Counselling
  • BSc Counselling

Hypnotherapy Pricing

Standard Hypnotherapy Private Sessions

Each hypnotherapy session includes hypnosis and counselling modalities customized to address your specific needs and requests. A standard session lasts 60 minutes, with the exception of the first session, which is 90 minutes.

The cost of the first 90-minute session is $200.00. 

Subsequent 60-minute sessions are $150.00.

All sessions include an audio recording of your hypnosis script for you to use at home to reinforce the effects of therapy between sessions. The audio comes to you in high-quality MP3 format via email, so you can easily save it to your phone or MP3 player and listen to it at night before you go to bed. Each session comes with a new audio recording. Reinforcement is key in how the mind learns new, positive habits.  Your audio recordings are key to your success and are added value for you.

Unlike many of my colleagues, I don’t sell packages. Why? Because I hate buying them myself. I believe that people know what they need. We will continue our sessions until you let me know that your issue is resolved. Should you need something in the future, you will know who to call. This is what I call my “open door policy”. Many of my clients who have successfully reached their goals through our sessions drop in from time to time whenever they want to work on something new.

*** Payment is due on the same day of our session. 

Things happen and I appreciate that your circumstances may necessitate a change in appointment times/dates. If cancelled over 24 hours before a scheduled appointment there will be no charge, however, a full consultation fee will be charged for missed appointments where less than 24 hours or no notice is given. Pre-payments will be forfeited where appointments are not attended without 24 hours’ notice.

I’m a Counsellor, Massage Therapist and Hypnotherapist that Auckland clients can see for multiple therapeutic services at the one location. Ph 021 274 6078 to gain clarity, find balance and realise your potential.

What my clients have said about my hypnotherapy services

“I highly recommend Debbie Wright as a hypnotherapist and counsellor. I saw her because of a phobia that was interfering with my life. Even though I had “coped” with it at various times, it was always there. This phobic fear had directly to do with my ability to do my work and caused immense stress during the workday and beyond. I experienced a debilitating fight against phobic fear in the performance of necessary work-related tasks. This phobia, which manifested as a “panic attack” when faced with doing certain types of written work, caused secondary problems like procrastination, low productivity, low self-esteem and despair. 

After five sessions with Debbie, I can honestly report that the phobia is 80% resolved. I no longer experience the “panic attack” like symptoms that interfered with my ability to concentrate or the avoidance behaviour that caused so much trouble. I knew my phobia to be “irrational” for a long time and yet no matter the level of insight I had or the therapy I had engaged in, it never really got better. I intend to continue to see Debbie on an ongoing basis to reinforce the healing and move on from conquering a phobia to achieve high levels of concentration and productivity.

I wish I had tried hypnotherapy years ago. It bothers me somewhat to think of the wasted time, though Debbie was quick to point out the learning that took place even in that period of suffering, and not to regret it, but to move on with lessons learned.

Debbie explained hypnotherapy very clearly. She divided the session into two parts. In the first part I articulated the problem and told her what my goals were. The second session involved hypnosis which, to me, felt like a guided meditation while I was in a relaxed, suggestible state. She took my own words, my own articulated hopes, and spoke those words back to me, along with some other related ideas and suggestions, while I was relaxed. There was nothing “weird” about it. In fact, it seems “too good to be true” considering everything I went through struggling against this phobia my whole life. It seems preposterous that 5 straightforward hypnosis sessions, which felt like guided meditation, have “solved” this problem to a large extent. I assumed I would always have to struggle against it or take drugs to mask the symptoms. I am sceptical by nature and really did not expect hypnosis to work. It did. I am a believer.” –

Patrick S, Auckland

“When I booked my stop smoking session at Wright Therapies there was a part of me that didn’t want it to work as I really enjoyed smoking but Debbie identified why that was and we were able to get me to move on and I’m really grateful to her for that. In just three sessions I went from smoking 20-25 cigarettes a day to becoming a non-smoker. It still blows my mind how this stuff works but it does!!  I can now get more work done as I’m not always nipping out for a cigarette break which ironically has meant that I get on so much better with my boss who I found a bit of a stress head and was the reason I was always popping outside to try and escape from her! Thanks again, plus you’ve saved me a fortune!”. –

Cathy, Auckland

“Working with Debbie has been wonderful! She has helped me on so many different levels. From stopping negative self-talk to conquering my fears. Thank you with all my heart.” –

Pam, Auckland

“In only 4 hypnotherapy sessions with Debbie I have gained new found confidence and self-belief, successfully kicked a chocolate and sugar habit without any sense of difficulty or deprivation, and adjusted my eating habits to a sustainable and healthy state, losing 4 kgs in the process. The treatment is enjoyable and listening to the tapes is a highlight of each day. I can only highly recommend this treatment, it works, easily, enjoyably, and successfully.”

V, Auckland

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