Counselling Auckland

Counselling Auckland

Why invest in therapy?

Contrary to popular belief, the choice to begin your psycho-therapeutic journey is inherently unselfish. In fact, its primary purpose is for you to heal and grow so that you increase– not decrease– your capacity to love and respect others around you. Counselling can help you move towards more balance in your emotions, clarity in your mind, stability in your body, and connection in your heart.

Therapy is one of the best investments you can make

Imagine a world where everyone does their work to become more aware of their lives and the impact of their habits on others? Counselling is a journey into areas of your life that might be scary to go into alone, for fear that your worst fears are actually true. A good therapist is one who knows the territory, like a wilderness expert, and goes on the journey with you into those places. She has the knowledge and the necessary skills to survive. He is not a stranger to these places because he has been into his own places of pain and fear. They do not know your particular wilderness, but as you and they journey into your territory, they know the kinds of things to look for, to watch out for, to become curious about, to spend time with, to celebrate and to heal.

You may be at the end of your rope, lost or simply in need of someone who understands. You may have tried all those self-help books and are looking for something deeper, more complex, and certainly more sustainable.

This journey takes courage

The journey inwards is a journey that takes courage. It is risky: there are unknowns, fears, past histories that decidedly we don’t want to repeat. Vulnerability is scary for real reasons: opening up to another has not always gone well. And this journey takes time: so many of us want a quick fix– we live in a microwave world, not a slow-cooker one. And yet sustainable change only happens in time, and on its own time, faithfully being present to what is. To take this kind of time takes courage.

Courage is relational

Thankfully, courage does not exist in a vacuum, we can’t always muster it up by ourselves. We need to be encouraged by another– at least one other. Which is why having your own psychotherapist along for the journey is essential.

If not now, when?

What’s your story?

To dare to explore your particular story is to risk finding your own truth. You might be fairly certain that your confusion, trauma, loss, sadness, anger, anxiety, present chaos, etc… is all of who you are, your final truth. You might fear that that’s your story. End of Story. Period.

But what if these symptoms signalled the true beginning of your story, not the end? What if your symptoms were communicating something to you about, not who you truly are at your core, but about experiences that you’ve had that are getting in the way of you living out of that core, the true meaning of you. What if therapy could help free you to live out your true story?

My commitment to you is that I will come alongside you to help bring relief from your symptoms, as well as to help you find yourself again– or perhaps it will be for the very first time. What will you discover? There’s only one way to find out.

My areas of specialty are:

Anxiety counselling

Specialized therapy to treat anxiety, stress, and panic attacks.


Counselling to help you heal from trauma, abuse, or PTSD.

Depression counselling

Individualized therapy for depression and feelings of low mood.

Relationship counselling

Targeted counselling to resolve relationship issues.


Individualised therapy to build your confidence and sense of self.

Anger management

Counselling to help you better control your emotions and manage your temper.

Book Your Consultation

Caring, confidential Counselling Auckland – I’m here to help you overcome challenges, find balance and realise your tremendous potential. If you would like to book a session or talk further to find out if working together is a good fit for you, then please contact me on 021 274 6078 for a free & no obligation phone consultation.

What my clients have said about my counselling & therapy services

“I was referred to Debbie by my GP; he felt that I needed Psychotherapy help after getting quite down due to a number of on-going health issues. His confidence in her abilities were very well justified; she has helped me immeasurably over a very short period of time.  Debbie has used counselling and hypnotherapy techniques to get me back on track with my levels of self-confidence, positivity and my general outlook on life has improved greatly. I can highly recommend her services.” – 

Owen, Auckland

“From the moment you walk into her space, there is a wonderful, comforting setting. Debbie helps you get in touch with yourself and provides great insights without making too many inferences on your feelings or experience. She has already helped me refocus and I am looking forward to continuing to work with her to improve my skill set with anxiety and depression. Her technique is very gentle and grounding, it allows someone like myself who is often anxious be able to talk freely without feeling judged. I look forward to the sessions, knowing that I’m taking steps towards self-improvement with her guidance.” –

P, Auckland

“While I was honest about coming in for counselling simply to humour my parents, you were nonetheless extremely helpful, considerate, and openminded. You were thorough and kept an open ear to everything that was spoken. I appreciated you looking beneath the surface into who I am as a person and I feel the results you gave me were spot on.” –

Dylan, Auckland

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